About Sensei Ash

As a young child, I was skinny and shall we say, not very athletic. I didn’t excel in P.E class and had a difficult time joining sports teams. It got to the point where I actually became scared of going to P.E because I knew my body wasn’t very strong and as fast as those of other kids my age. It was truly a tough position for me, and for any child to endure; being forced to keep up with something that you knew you just couldn’t do.

And so the bullying against me began, and I would make every excuse not to go to P.E. or even consider joining a physical activity. Throughout middle school and high school, my decision to cut out sports altogether had a snowball effect on my weight, and after my first year of college I was at my heaviest, clocking in at 260 pounds!

But as I became more educated and fully understood the seriousness of my health, I set out to begin learning about physical fitness and the study of Martial Arts – a skill that had always interested me. Each day I made small goals for myself to be healthier and fit, and as I stuck to these goals, I started to transform into the person I had always wanted to become. Finally, I was accomplishing the things I never thought were possible.

Today, I’m a 4th degree black belt and one of the top martial arts instructors in the country, learning from some of the greatest martial artists, fighters and trainers in the world. For the past two decades, I have owned a successful martial arts and fitness studio in Southern California, and have taught thousands of students from toddlers to seniors.

I’m also proud to say that I am a Certified Personal Trainer under the International Sports Science Association, Cross Fit Level 1 Trainer, Winner of the 2014 Martial Arts History Museum Honor Award, and Instructor of the Year by Masters Hall of Fame.

But these acclaims are just a small part of who I am and what I can do.

From a kid who became winded after walking up a few sets of stairs, I was able to train for and climb the highest mountain in the contiguous United States, Mount Whitney, to being the first martial artist to perform skills on the highest peak in the nation.

I’ve also been given key opportunities to speak at many Anti-Bullying seminars and Women’s Self Defense classes, where I urge everyone to realize that confidence is the key to not being taken advantage of.

Now for 2020, I’ve set my biggest goal yet by pioneering an amazing children’s health movement! This at-home, fun & easy fitness and nutritional program will help build up their core muscles and instill self-confidence so they can go into any sport or P.E. class feeling like the champion they truly are.
And the best part about my new program is that children don’t have to do it alone. It is designed for the whole family to partake in together for six weeks out of the comfort of their home, promoting a much-needed family bonding experience.

I call this movement FAMILY FITNESS REVOLUTION! and I urge you to help me in instilling back confidence in our youngest generations, as well as fight our country’s ever-growing childhood obesity rates!

~ Sensei Ash



The results of Family Fitness Revolution are amazing! My daughter is physically and mentally challenged, and I am grateful to have found a fun program that encourages health, strength, and confidence in her. Plus, our whole family all felt so much stronger at the end of program.

-McGraw family

Family Fitness Revolution is really a game changer! Our family had a great time working out together. This really helped to build core muscles and we feel much more fit and healthy now. From our family to yours, we recommend Family Fitness Revolution!

-Noroozi Family

My 5-year-old son and I recently did Family Fitness Revolution and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. He was so eager to exercise with me and this program really makes it possible to enjoy together. Now he’s so motivated to try new things with his newly developed courage and confidence.

-Froehlich Family

Family Fitness Revolution provided a fun and convenient framework to build a foundation of health, while also celebrating each other’s progress. We saw real gains every week, and the program’s tiered structure didn’t leave us sore or fatigued. Family Fitness Revolution gave us a refuge from our “busy” lives to reconnect with each other.

-Sostrin Family

Family Fitness Revolution was a great way for us to work as a team towards getting fit. We motivated each other to complete our reps and watched to make sure no one cheated, which made us laugh. We recommend this program to all, as it’s something interactive, fun and healthy.

-Rodriguez Family

Very easy program for kids to develop great exercise habits. It was fun to do all together and share the daily routine as a family!

-Zucker-Peterson Family

“Training with Ash has been such a great joy, not just for me but for me entire family. He has an exceptional mix of discipline and fun that motivates you to work as hard as you can. Working with Sensei Ash is an asset to anyone’s life”

-Maya Rudolph

Thank you Sensei Ash for creating Family Fitness Revolution so that we can bond as a family, and continue to grow happy and healthy together. It is a perfect workout for busy, always on-the-go families, as it is effective and results are visible immediately. There is now no excuse for not working out.

-Azmery Family