Did you know ….

That the Center for Disease Control encourages work time-exercise activities?!!  Yoga is an excellent and effective way to create harmony, community, and health in the work environment.

Corporate Wellness is on the rise!  The benefits of yoga, meditation, and physical fitness are numerous!! Below is a list of what you can expect from a consistent wellness program.

  • Reduce stress, tension, and depression
  • Improve focus, concentration, and memory
  • Increase energy, become fit, and have better posture
  • Boost productivity, and morale
  • Save on health care costs and reduce staff turnover
  • Lower employee absenteeism
  • Create an environment that cultivates community, fun, and happy employees
  • Higher job satisfaction and respect for the work place

Create a program for your team!

Restorative Yoga – recommended at the end of a work day to relax and let go of your day.

Hatha Yoga – a slow paced class that will focus on alignment, great as a lunch time session.

Vinyasa Flow – a dynamic yoga flow class to invigorate – you will sweat and release stress.

Meditation –  guided meditation to calm, relax, and restore focus.

The rates are listed below:

  • One time class $150.00
  • 4-week program $125.00 per class
  • 8-week program $100.00 per class

Classes are 60 minutes in duration and cover up to 10 people.  Each additional participant is $5 extra.  The company will provide mats, blocks, and straps for students.

Wear comfortable clothing and bring a change of clothes and a towel for sweat.  It is recommended not to exercise on a full stomach.

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