Yoga was traditionally taught by one teacher directly to one student.  The ancient teachers understood that their attention & guidance was important to meet the physical, mental, and emotional needs of the individual student.  Today group classes are energetic, low cost, and build community, but you might not receive the full attention that you and your practice need.

A private yoga session shines a light into YOUR practice.  Whether you are a beginner, or someone looking to deepen their current practice, or working with an injury, the benefits of a one-on-one are numerous.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

*Private yoga sessions create a solid foundation into your practice to fine tune proper alignment or create confidence as a beginner to attend larger group classes.

*Private yoga sessions are a great way to explore health concerns, injuries, anxieties, and other limitations.  For example, if you are working with an injury, a private teaches you how to modify or adapt to certain postures or to avoid certain poses altogether.  You might not have the eye of the teacher in a group setting for the duration of a class.

*If you have a specific goal in mind such as balance, a one-on-one session would be tailored to creating the strength, focus, and flexibility to help meet your goal whether it’s ‘Tree Pose’ or ‘Adho Mukha Vrksasana’  hand stand pose.

*There are many types of yoga that are available for what you need.  A private session can cultivate what you need and when.  Feeling stressed?  Perhaps you would receive a restorative session or a guided meditation session to calm you.  Feeling sluggish?  A vinyasa flow class would enliven and reinvigorate your energy.  Feeling scattered?  A Hatha balancing session would help you focus and remain in the present moment.  Your private session is adjusted for what you need in the moment.

*Private sessions are an opportunity to have all the energy of an expert teacher focused only on you.  The more you practice one-on-one, you cultivate a deep foundation into your practice and it’s progression.

For rates, special packages, and availability please go to the contact page!  I’m ready!  Are you?

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