About Family Fitness Revolution

Family Fitness Revolution (FFR) is a fun, easy, downloadable exercise and nutritional program. It is designed for the whole family to partake in together every day for six weeks out of the comfort of their own home.

FFR will help children of all ages build strong core muscles, instilling in them confidence, ambition and motivation, so they can become better involved in sports and P.E. classes. FFR will also help to lower our country’s alarming obesity record and offer our youths a fair fight toward a healthier lifestyle.

As you know, physical activities require a strong body strength foundation, and after participating in FFR, your child will have enough muscle power to give them an advantage and raise their self-confidence.

Throughout over 18 years of teaching and training kids at his martial arts and fitness studio, Sensei Ash recognizes that the one of the main reasons people quit a sport or physical activity is because they feel inadequate to others in their immediate circle. That’s why FFR is so important for kids to accomplish, as well as their parents.

Plus, what better way to bond with your family all the while staying fit and healthy! Its the First Family Fitness program of its kind and we promise you you’re going to see awesome results in your whole family.



The results of Family Fitness Revolution are amazing! My daughter is physically and mentally challenged, and I am grateful to have found a fun program that encourages health, strength, and confidence in her. Plus, our whole family all felt so much stronger at the end of program.

-McGraw family

Family Fitness Revolution is really a game changer! Our family had a great time working out together. This really helped to build core muscles and we feel much more fit and healthy now. From our family to yours, we recommend Family Fitness Revolution!

-Noroozi Family

My 5-year-old son and I recently did Family Fitness Revolution and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. He was so eager to exercise with me and this program really makes it possible to enjoy together. Now he’s so motivated to try new things with his newly developed courage and confidence.

-Froehlich Family

Family Fitness Revolution provided a fun and convenient framework to build a foundation of health, while also celebrating each other’s progress. We saw real gains every week, and the program’s tiered structure didn’t leave us sore or fatigued. Family Fitness Revolution gave us a refuge from our “busy” lives to reconnect with each other.

-Sostrin Family

Family Fitness Revolution was a great way for us to work as a team towards getting fit. We motivated each other to complete our reps and watched to make sure no one cheated, which made us laugh. We recommend this program to all, as it’s something interactive, fun and healthy.

-Rodriguez Family

Very easy program for kids to develop great exercise habits. It was fun to do all together and share the daily routine as a family!

-Zucker-Peterson Family

“Training with Ash has been such a great joy, not just for me but for me entire family. He has an exceptional mix of discipline and fun that motivates you to work as hard as you can. Working with Sensei Ash is an asset to anyone’s life”

-Maya Rudolph

Thank you Sensei Ash for creating Family Fitness Revolution so that we can bond as a family, and continue to grow happy and healthy together. It is a perfect workout for busy, always on-the-go families, as it is effective and results are visible immediately. There is now no excuse for not working out.

-Azmery Family